Toughest 5K (Between the ADKS & the Rockies)

It's time to "elevate" your GAME or better said, it's time "elevate" your GAIN! Willow Running is super stoked to offer the ultimate 5K challenge. Imagine a 1200' vertical rise all in the first mile. Yikes! Certainly not an event for your casual athlete but if you are one that likes to challenge yourself please join us for the Toughest 5K between the ADKS and the Rockies. If "PAIN is weakness leaving the body", then you will be completely "WEAKNESS" free at the end of the first mile! The Good News- it's all down hill from there.

The goal is to finish the Toughest 5K trek in less than 60 minutes to receive the Bronze medal. If you are able to complete the course in under 45 minutes we will present  you with the Silver Medal. Some have claimed that they can complete the 5K course in 30 minutes or less, have at it and good luck. We have reserved the Gold medal for that incredible feat. We will also have finisher medals for all who complete the course in over 1 hour because just completing the course is medal worthy.