Sun August 16 - Fri December 31, 2021

Hiking the High Peaks in the Adirondacks (ADK) is the ultimate adventure for those who enjoy a great challenge with a great reward. We would like to enhance your reward beyond the spectacular views and true sense of great accomplishment. Willow Adventure has put together an exciting Challenge with unique custom giveaway's and rewards for those just starting, on their way, or who have completed the 46 ADK High Peak Trails. This is an elevation/mileage Challenge, so even those who live to far away from the ADK High Peaks can still participate in the 46 and Me! Elevation Challenge. There is nothing like hiking the real peaks Adirondacks, but the next best thing is hiking trails/peaks elsewhere in the USA and even abroad to gain the same elevation and mileage that you would get if you climbed all 46 Adirondack High Peaks. The goal is to get you excited, keep you motivated and to reward you kindly for this great Adventure.


Mon June 15 - Fri July 31, 2020


We are excited to launch Willow Adventure's inaugural run. It will be a virtual run that we are calling "Weight To Run”. In this race you will be given choices on races distances, and the option of how much weight to carry with you while you run.

First you choose a race distance, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or all 3. Second you choose the amount of weight to carry (minimum of 5 lbs maximum of 50 lbs). This can be a weighted vest, a backpack filled with weights or household items, dumbbells or kettlebells, ruck sack or anything you can carry.  The goal is to push your limits for both cardio and strength! 

You'll have 4 weeks from the day you register to run your chosen race(s). After you complete your run submit your total time to the Run Signup Virtual Platform (instructions will be given to each participant upon registering) and do not forget to add your total weight (your weight plus weight carried) in the "Comment" section at the bottom of the page. You can perform this run as many times as you would like, resubmitting your new time if you improved from previous attempts.

Finishing just once earns you your swag, finish in the top 3 of your age group earns you Awards/Prizes. 

Here's how it works:

Choose 1 distance per race attempt (do all 3 within 4 weeks for a special prize).
☐ 5k
☐ 10k
☐ Half Marathon

Choose a weight between 5 and 50 pounds to carry with you during your run. This can be a weighted vest, a backpack filled with weights or household items, dumbbells or kettle bells, or anything you can carry. The more weight you carry the faster your net time will be (see “Results” section below for details). Make sure to carry this for the ENTIRE run length, not during the Body Weight Workouts

Finisher Photos
 We ask that everyone takes their own “Finisher Photo” showing you and your weight at the end of your run, then share it on
Instagram and/or Facebook for a chance at a special prize using the following tags: @willowadventure_ny @willowrunning @ocrlibrarian315

Before your run, grab your weight that you are carrying with you and weigh yourself. Your total
weight (body weight and extra weight carried) should be noted and submitted in the comments section when you upload your time. For every pound of weight you run with we will take 10 seconds off your overall time!


A 200-pound man runs the 5k race with a 20 pound pack in 38 minutes and 44 seconds.
220 (total weight) x 10 = 2,200 seconds or 36:42
36:42- 38:44 = 2:02
This man’s total time would be 2:02 for a 5k!
Don’t worry… we will take care of the math!

5k Finishers will receive a pair of Willow Running Socks
10k Finishers will receive a Willow Running Buff
Half Marathon Finishers will receive a Willow Adventure Belt
Finishers of all 3 runs in 4-week timeframe will receive all above prizes as well as a Willow Adventure Pint Glass

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